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CT lung screening benefits persist over time

As reported on AuntMinnie.com an update on the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) has shown that the benefits of CT screening persist long after the initial screening examination. Mortality in the population screened with a low dose chest CT was markedly lower than those screened with X-ray.

Utilization rates for screening chest CT, however, continues to be low. This is likely due to patient reluctance and the additional work required by the referring physician’s office to manage an ongoing screening exam for multiple patients.

We need your help to overcome patient reluctance but ERMI is here to help make managing testing for your patients as easy as possible. We can manage patient reminders, study scheduling and pre-authorization.

If you have questions please call Drs. Decorato, Duke or Deyer to discuss creating a smoking screening program for your patients.

Topics Discussed in This Post

Topics Discussed in This Post