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Ultrasound tutorial – Achilles Ultrasound

Achilles ultrasound – Technique and Findings


  • Prone
  • Ankle dorsiflexed

Ultrasound probe for the Achilles tendon

  • High frequency linear probe
    • Gives good field of view
    • High resolution
  • Hockey stick probe
    • Useful for ultrasound guided intervention

Normal Appearance

  • Minimally decreasing thickness from the musculoskeletal junction to the insertion
  • Fascicular architecture


  • Tendinosis
    • Hypoechoic
    • Thickened
    • Loss of fascicular architecture
  • Tear
    • Interstitial
      • Linear anechoic signal
    • Partial/full thickness
      • Pre-achilles fat (echogenic) extends into the tear

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Topics Discussed in This Post