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CT Temporomandibular Joint With and Without Contrast

  • Prior to the examination, one of our certified CT technologists or nursing staff will start an intravenous line to administer contrast.


  • What is Intravenous Contrast?
    • Intravenous contrast is an iodinated compound. It is injected through an intravenous line during the examination. During the injection you may feel flushed and get a metallic taste in your mouth.
    • It is important to tell the technician and your doctor if you have had a previous allergic reaction to iodinated contrast.


  • Preparation:
    • Please have only a clear liquid diet for 4 hours prior to exam.  Liquids include clear juices such as apple, cranberry & grape, clear soups, jello, coffee or tea.  No milk products or carbonated beverages should be consumed.  If this is an urgent exam, please do not have anything to eat or drink for 2 hours prior.
    • Diabetic patients who are taking Metformin, Metformin XR, Glucophage, Glucophage XR, Glumetza, Fortamet, Riomet, Janumet, Metaglip or Glucovance will be required to abstain from taking these medications for 48 hours after contrast injection.
    • We require assessment of renal function in all patients 60 or older and in younger patients with certain medical issues prior to injecting contrast. We will accept a creatinine level from your doctor if performed within the last 6 weeks.  If you have not had recent lab work this test can be performed at our facility before we start your I.V line.
    • If you have had a prior allergic reaction to iodinated contrast, please notify your doctor and our scheduling department so we can determine proper pre-medication instructions.


  • General CT Preparation:
    • Please refrain from eating 4 hours prior to the procedure.
    • The technician will ask you to remove clothing and metal objects which may compromise the quality of your CT. You will be provided with a private locked dressing room to store these items.
    • Please contact our office prior to your imaging if you have a metal prosthesis in the area being imaged.
    • We do not allow music during the exam as the technologist may need to give you breathing instructions and talk to you through exam.