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CT Wrist Arthrogram

  • A CT Arthrogram is a two part examination. The first component will involve intra-articular injection of iodinated contrast. This will be performed under either ultrasound or fluoroscopy.
  • What is Intra-articular Contrast?
    • Intra-articular contrast is an iodinated compound.
    • It is important to tell the technician and your doctor if you have had a previous allergic reaction to iodinated contrast.



  • General CT Preparation:
    • The technician will ask you to remove clothing and metal objects which may compromise the quality of your CT. You will be provided with a private locked dressing room to store these items.
    • Please contact our office prior to your imaging if you have a metal prosthesis in the area being imaged.
    • We do not allow music during the exam as the technologist may need to give you breathing instructions and talk to you through exam.