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Mediport Removal

Once the mediport is no longer needed it can be surgically removed.

What to expect during the procedure:

  • The procedure is performed at a surgical center.
  • The procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform.
  • A board certified anesthesiologist will administer conscious sedation – medication that will put you to sleep but which will allow you to breath on your own.

What to expect after the procedure:

  • Detailed post procedure care instructions will be provided after the surgery.
  • You may have mild muscle soreness for 1-2 days for which you can use Tylenol or ibuprofen (unless otherwise contraindicated).


  • You will be contacted by the surgical center prior to the procedure to discuss pre-operative instructions.
  • Anti-coagulation (blood thinners) must be stopped. Please contact your doctor to discuss the details of discontinuing blood thinners.