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MRI Guided Prostate Biopsies

The MRI prostate biopsy will be performed on our high-field strength GE 3T MRI scanner located at our 75th St. office.  You will need to stop taking blood thinners including Coumadin and aspirin prior to the MRI biopsy.  Pre and post procedure oral antibiotics will be prescribed.  Two Fleet enemas will be given before the procedure.  Oral anti-anxiety and pain medications are commonly given prior to the procedure.   The MRI biopsy takes about 45 minutes and you will be positioned on their stomach within the MRI for the biopsy.  A needle guide is placed within the rectum which is attached to the prostate biopsy localization device.  MRI imaging is obtained prior to biopsy for device calibration and lesion localization utilizing 3D MRI prostate biopsy software.  Three to five core biopsy are obtained at and around the targeted lesion for tissue sampling.  You will be in constant contact with a caring technologist and radiologist throughout the procedure.

General MRI Preparation

  • Each patient is provided their own private locked dressing room which has an area to hang their clothing. We ask that patients do not enter the scanning room with jewelry, watches, keys, coins or other metal objects. Credit card and ATM card magnetic codes will be erased by the MRI’s magnetic field if brought into the room.
  • Please make sure to notify your doctor, our scheduling department or your technician if you have any implanted medical device or metallic shrapnel in your body.