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MRV Abdomen With and Without Contrast (Gadolinium)

The MRI will be performed on one of our high-strength GE 1.5/3.0T MRI scanners which provide the optimal image quality for this particular type of exam. The study takes about 30-45 minutes. The body part being studied will be located in the center of the MRI machine. You will be in constant contact with a caring technologist and have a control button to alert the technologist, if the need arises. In addition, safety permitting, you may bring a companion into the room with you. During the scan, you will hear faint hums and thumping.

One of our certified MRI technologists or nursing staff will start an intravenous line to administer contrast prior to the examination.


What is Contrast (Gadolinium)?

  • Gadolinium is a natural element that enhances image quality.
  • While it is very rare to have an allergy to MRI contrast please tell your doctor, the scheduling department or you technician if you have previously had a problem with MRI contrast.


General MRI Preparation

  • Each patient is provided their own private locked dressing room which has an area to hang their clothing. We ask that patients do not enter the scanning room with jewelry, watches, keys, coins or other metal objects. Credit card and ATM card magnetic codes will be erased by the MRI’s magnetic field if brought into the room.
  • Please make sure to notify your doctor, our scheduling department or your technician if you have any implanted medical device or metallic shrapnel in your body.